Narelle Autio


This image was taken by a woman named Nacelle Autio. Autio is a photographer from Australia who clearly is drawn to many things that Australians often find themselves drawn to: water. I am not from Australia but I love the water and the beach more than anything. This picture is very similar to the others I found, except you can see the particles in the water much more than you could in the other pictures I was looking at. I think the angle is very interesting because it’s as though the photographer was a fish in the water. Other pictures were lower shot which gave it a creepier angle as if the photographer was Jaws the shark. I find sea life very interesting and wish that more people ¬†would take interest in pursuing it and learning about everything that’s under the land.

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Yannis Kontos


This photograph was taken by a man named Yannis Kontos. Kontos is a Grecian photographer. However, most of his pictures are taken of struggle or despair. This picture I learned was taken in North Korea. Like many of his other photographs, this picture shows great loss and despair. I’m not sure if you have every watched any documentaries on North Korea, but it is a very corrupt place. Once I watched a documentary of a man who went to North Korea with a video crew to show North Korea while also healing people who had cataracts in their eyes. While walking in the street, they would pass by and walk over corpses of people who had starved to death. Tragedy is a common thing in that land and I’m sure this image is only a small piece of all the suffering that has occurred.

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Ayman Lotfy


This image was taken by a man named Ayman Lofty. Lofty is a photographer from Egypt. I was looking at his picture and I honestly do not like any of them that much. Personally, I find them disturbing and creepy. But, I had never heard of any photographer from Egypt so I took a little interest. I am not even quite sure whether or not this is a real person. At first I thought it was because of the eyes, but the way this thing’s entire face and body is covered makes me question whether or not it is human. This photograph is very detailed. You can see the detail in the background and the holes on every button that is plastered on to this “things” body. I would not choose to photograph this and I am not sure what the message of this photograph is or if there is a message, but it is definitely very intense.

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Ricardo Carrasco



This is an image taken by a Chilean photographer named Ricardo Carrasco. When I was looking at his images I was drawn to this one. I loved all of his images because they were a lot about nature and not just beautiful and typical nature but rustic nature. Anyway, the reason I was drawn to this image is because it reminds me of an image I have taken while kayaking in the Everglades with my father and while kayaking in the Florida Springs. I am not particularly a fan of kayaking because I do not have enough strength to find it a leisure activity. However, every place I have kayaked, whether it be the French Broad or the Manatee Springs, it is always beautiful. I love how the trees collect along the water making it seem like a never ending snake. I love how the water meets the sky when you can’t see any longer. But mostly I love how peaceful it is, and how there can be no humans in sight for miles.

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Roy Arden


This is a photograph that was taken by a man named Roy Arden. He is a Canadian photographer. I was looking at some of his work and came across this image. It stood out to me for multiple reasons. Front and center is a clearly old piece of machinery from whatever used to occupy the space that it is in. The saturation seems to have been increased in it because of how red it is coming off in the photo. In the background, there is a very new and prestige looking house. In this area of dirty and dilapidated things, stands this large white mansion that naturally draws your attention. This picture leads to confusion which is why I like it so much. Neither of the main objects in the picture make sense to be there. They are both very out of place and stick out as almost an eye sore.

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Wandering through an Unfamiliar Town

This gallery contains 20 photos.

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Week Twelve


I took this photograph in Folly Beach, Charleston last weekend. I go to Charleston with my mom often and she was really excited to play with my camera because we have never owned a camera nicer than our cell phones. I was trying to take pictures with correct exposure and trying to still make it interesting. We were taking a walk on the beach and wanted to take pictures of things that we thought were pretty or entertaining (because beach watching is some of the best people watching). As we were walking down the beach with our cameras I saw this water tower and a very bright red building. You don’t typically see red buildings on the beach so i thought that this would be an interesting picture to take with multiple things catching your eye.

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